sandblast carved
and etched glass


This technique uses very hard abrasive particles, blown at high speed onto the glass, to create microscopic chips in the surface. Executed properly, this process will result in beautiful designs. Etched glass is a shallow pitting of the glass surface, it can be used as the main technique for an art piece, or a window or door to create a unique design.

Etching can also be used in conjunction with fused or stained glass. For example, I often use etching on fused glass pieces to simply give the piece a matte texture instead of a glossy one. Glass that is etched at different depths is called “glass carving” – and is an art unto itself.



glass carving


Glass carving is creating a 3D image in the glass by blasting to different depths. The effect is gorgeous and I have used it for various projects such as small table tops and door inserts, also window hangings. It is another method to consider when creating a custom piece.

glass repair
I often repair existing stained glass panels or sun-catchers for clients. This could be replacing missing or broken pieces with matching glass, rebuilding or reinforcing sagging or structurally-damaged panels, or replacing old, weak lead or reframing.

I charge a reasonable cost of time and materials.
Contact me to discuss your repair.